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Airofog Machinery Co. Ltd. manufactures a comprehensive range of professional application equipment for the public health and vector control industry. With over 10 years manufacture in Shanghai and 30 years specialist industry experience, we have been exporting quality products worldwide working with distributors in many countries in Europe, Asia, American and the African Continent. Our quality products include compression sprayers from 0.5 – 14.0 L capacity , thermal foggers, vehicle mounted ULV foggers, portable electric ULV cold foggers, gel applicators, puff dusters, sub-slab injectors for termite treatment and others. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and our quality assurance procedures certified by German TUV to ISO9001:2008. Many of our products have also been independently evaluated as compliant with internationally recognised standards for vector control equipment. Certifications are available on request. We also offer a custom design and manufacturing service for clients with particular application requirements.



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